Bukvik is an online collaborative system for DH (Digital Humanities) experiments designed with a focus on an adaptive approach to a researcher community needs, discussion, reproducibility, versioning, results-visualization, and open+agile research.


What is Bukvik? A beech grove in Serbian. A derivative from the Russian “bukva”, meaning a letter, and a rather obvious pun on the English word "book".

It is also a way to better see through the forests of letters while keeping an eye on the trees they consist of. It is the result of a collaboration between a team of literary scholars and computer scientists.

More details: http://bukvik.litterra.net/

NOTE: We are migrating our servers to the Oslo University Cloud, please bear with us, they will come shinier back

Conceptual research flow

Conceptual diagram of a research flow in Bukvik

Bukvik Infographic

Bukvik Infographic