Colabo.Space (ColaboFramework)

is an open source socio-technological ecosystem for cooperation and dialogue among disciplines, focusing on art and science, for knowledge management and sharing and creation of collective mind and collective intelligence. It facilitate collaboration and promotes efficient behaviours. ColLaboFramework is open source ever evolving system being used around the world. It is modeled and envisioned as part of Knowledge Federation incentives.


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Toolsets for supporting Workshops, Dialogues, and Trainings

Our team has built several toolsets (methods supported by the Colabo-Space IT-ecosystem) for supporting Workshops, Dialogues, and Trainings. They enable enrichment and scaling of the social processes.

They demonstrate how new human-centric interfaces can be designed to enable frictionless technical augmentation of the onsite multi-modal (activism + performance + music) processes, without disturbing them.

Participants are also trained how to use socio-technical ecosystems in their work - an IT-based, specifically developed to support online+offline workshops, collective practices and grassrooted communities.

They will be able to use the whole toolset or some parts of it to enable scaling of their own communities and workshops, gamifying them, building reusable knowledge, doing online trainings, or using it in projects whose fundings require art + science (technology) usage.

Most of our technology is Open Source and FREE, especially for the non-profit organisations, working on bringing social good. Participants will learn about possibilities of scaling their workshops in number of participants, geographically - in cross-border usage, in improving time required for their workshops and getting aware of whole new possibilities enabled by technology.

The toolsets are built in a modular way, so can be accustomized for a specific use.


DialoGame is a structured, dynamic and low-friction format of dialogue across and among disciplines. It provides a gamified environment for a focused discussion, knowledge extraction and multimedia creation. By this gamified approach, it empowers, motivates and educates good behaviors in dialogues.

DialoGame format is based on the usage of physical artefacts like talkens (talking tokens), activity cards, creative cards, visualization, but also interactive socio-technical components, inclusing ColaboWare (our approach to the human-computer interfaces - RFID cards, remote controllers, touch screens, …) and interactive online mapping tools (ColaboFramework, RIMA, …). It is highly related to Dialogical science.

It aims for a concrete outcome and results either at the level of commitment and action, or that of transforming and enriching knowledge space, or providing engaging multimedia art integrated with the topic (usually scientific or social topic) communicating (and promoting) it to society.


is an ecosystem for rapid collective, and multidisciplinary research, education and creation of facts, ideas and emotions. Its outcome is a collective piece of art+research, usually performed for a social change

it is a short but highly energized, intensive and IT-augmented (by Colabo.Space system) process of brainstormed working on (often complex and urgent) community issues, through collaboration of (engaged) art and science on finding (through collective creativity and wisdom) emotionally-energized solutions and ideas, and orchestrating them in a multidisciplinary interactive playful performance, that has a potential of changing of behaviors and inspiring further research and artistic creation.

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is a world of literature - a literary-ecosystem where readers and researchers can explore books interconnected and augmented in multiple ways; spatial, temporal, entities, writing stylistics, character analysis and cross-book/writers interactions.


platform supports socio-collaborative writing. It brings a set of modern literature-, analysis-, discovery- and social-services around the very process of (co-)writing.

Feel The Sound

is a technological aid for deaf persons to feel the rhythm and music, to provide them means for enjoying in music in dance and related activities.

Projects In prototyping phase


Charity.Net is a concept of a Socially Engaged Network/Ecosystem, developed by ChaOS and accepted and presented as an research work at the international IEEE Conference GHTC in Silicon Valley, USA; Knowledge Federation Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia, etc
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An entertainment+intellectual night of slam poetry and jazz in a Belgrade Club.

A CoLaboArthon instance, envisioned to address actual issues in community by artists and specialists in the field, with goal of creation collective poetic + presentation form, to be accompanied with musicians and integrated in a jazz jamming session.

Event provides Entertainment + Inspiration + Attitude Challenge for club guests.

Belgrade Reader

BG Reader is a project recognized in Serbia and in the region. It is supported by The Association of Serbian Writers

It is a project for affirmation of books reading and support of creative work of youth. Project succeeded in erecting a statue of A reader in city center.

ChaOS is invited to bring to life, to make interactive and intelligent or/and emotional next Reader sculpture (to be erected on Belgrade Airport)

Pont Poetique / Poetic Bridge

An artistic / literary cross-border project (an instance of the CoLaboArthon) intended to erase borders through cultural cooperation enabled by usage of our CollaboArte system. It is being prototyped and experimented through organized ColLaboArthon events

Hot SPOeTry

Hot Spots for public poetry performance.
More coming soon!