Colabo.Space is socio-technologically augmented ecosystem for collaboration and augmentation of scientific and creative communities and group processes. It is continuosely improved in an agile way through research work, conducting workshops and adopting newests socio-technological trends.

Best way to understand the ecosystem is to watch the short video demonstrating it in practice:

Science+art video explanation (produced for RTS, the National Television of Serbia), presenting one of our first events augmented with the ecosystem. Vimeo link to the video. More about the event: @ KnowledgeFederation, @ Tesla Congress)

It is a working and everevolving prototype of the Collective Mind. The Collective Mind is both a concept and a hope. The hope is that a community, a society, or the humanity as a whole can naturally co-evolve and achieve a higher level of knowledge, coordination, decision- and action-making, and, ultimately, higher level of consciousness.

The Colabo.Space ecosystem consists of a set of principles, socio-technical methodologies and online tools for supporting efficient collective collaboration. Among others aspects (spaces), it aims to provide the user with a knowledge space, together with an action space and a dialogical space, all coexisting in one collaborative ecosystem.

At the top level, the central role of the ecosystem is a "moving" role across all "stakeholders" of humanity. We want to keep a continuous dialogue and exchange of values across humanity both in order to give a power of each stakeholder to contribute and change the world for better, but also to keep the momentum of sustainability and thrivability as shown on the following diagram:

More details: