Here I present two Research Proposals fitting the Sustainable Digitalisation Phd Position and Futuring Nordics. They can be observed independently or jointly as supporting each other. They also demonstrate both overlapping and unique aspects of my research interests.

Sustainable/holistic endeavors require comprehension of multiple fields of data, multiplicity of methodological approaches, points of view, and fields of research to be applied simultaneously. This level of complexity on top of its VUCA aspect, asks for a Collective Intelligence (crowdsourced) approach, addressed in both proposals.

Sustainable Digitalisation Co-Design

(research proposal No1)

I propose an "augmentation" of the Sustainable Digitalisation research ambition toward “ ‘researching and redesigning the business models toward sustainability’ through a citizen-science practice

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Business Modeling for Sustainable Digitalisation

(research proposal No2)

Here I propose an independent modular approach that augments design/evaluation of sustainable (digitalized) business models, with a special focus on crowdsourcing paradigm-shift of digital disruption.

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