Qualitative & Quantitive

Our team performs (participatory) action research and participatory design on topics of online and face-to-face interactions, sustainable development, CSCL [1], (social) entrepreneurship, activism, socially engaged art, etc.
It is executed through several online + face-to-face workshops per year around the world. Several of them are "covered" by qualitative & quantitive research methods - evaluations/surveys. We use (UIM) Usability inspection methods (Nielsen, 1994, April) as a cost-effective way to evaluate usability and user interfaces. We often focus on two extremes of UIMS - the Cognitive Walkthrough (extremely cost-effective and fast to carry out, even during the design phase) and the Heuristic Evaluation (Nielsen, 1994, June).
The list of those can be found at:

The international consortium (that we have gathered around the CoLaboArthon initiative) designs and conducts a survey on Computer Supported Collaboration (more precisely 'Computer Supported Collaborative Creative Writing'). Focus is on online behaviors of participants, digital interactions, their competences, inspirations, motivations, (collective) creativity triggers, and frictions/inhibitions. Here we research corellations between collective and individual digital behaviors.

  1. CSCL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer-supported_collaborative_learning ↩︎