an instance of CoLaboArthon

An INTERNATIONAL POETIC DIALOGUE, organized by the International Poetry Festival of Milan (, ChaOS NGO (, the International Forum ReMaking Tesla (, and partners.


gathering over 50+ poets, collectively writing in 10 languages on humane topics

It inspired several presentations and performances, including our co-organizing of the ERASMUS+ Everyday Heroes project. It unites IT technology and Art.

The project was featured at several international festivals and conferences, including Festival internazionale di poesia di Milano (Italy, 2018), The Electronic Literature Organization Conference & Media Arts Festival (Ireland, 2019), Comparing e/migrations (Poland, 2019), #AMLI2021 (UK, 2021)

Through these efforts, the project encompassed extensive research on topic of "Collaborative and Socially Engaged Writing" that included many writers around the world.

This project joins power of Art with power of Science. Power of Creative Writing with Pover of Performance.
The Colabo.Space technology applies the science of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning to go through all the received verses. Based on it, it integrates participants into the international poetic community, where they will be able (in the next step) to collectively create poetic verses and inspire each other, toward the collectively written poetry.

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