The Princess Kristina Testament is an online social-media, educational game, in the form of adventure+puzzle, and for the purpose of touristic promotion of Spain in Norway. It is sponsored by Spanish Embassy, and cleverly set based on a true story of Norwegian Princess Kristina living in the 13th and getting married for a Spanish Prince.

Through playing the game, you will learn about the rich culture of Spain, of it enchanting history and vibrant presence. Oh, no, you will not learn, you will experience, you will direct it, you will enjoy in the discovery-driven learning.

The trailer (English version)
The trailer (Norwegian version)

The project was ordered and executed for the EMBASSY OF SPAIN IN NORWAY.

The Princess Kristina Testament is developed by over 15 experienced multidisciplinary professionals and over 15 volunteers, attracted by the cultural, educational, and entertaining goal of the project. And even more by finding an innovative way to share their love toward Spain.

It was lead by two of ChaOS co-founders - and we recognize it as a part of our approach on creating games that we can proudly invite parents by 'the only computer game you should not protect your child from'

The team together with the TOURIST OFFICE OF SPAIN IN OSLO was for more than a year researching the rich cultural heritage, tracing and re-writing the stories and plots, designing and enlivening the characters, creating a storytelling, an interactive one a social and collective one by enabling player to interact and guide the story.


Developers created technical support for the game interaction, and in later phases even a framework for enabling non-programming cultural/language workers to enter the game creation.