S. Rudan and ChaOS has rich experience of Customer Research both for ChaOS projects and for clients.

We will demonstrate it on work for:

Catalyst Tool - InCap Corporation, California, USA - www.incap.com;


Catalyst is an intelligent software that empowers experts to create knowledge bases (focused on healthcare/depression-diagnosis)Catalyst is software that empowers one or more experts who are not programmers, to create knowledge bases in many domains of knowledge quickly.

Rudan did system architecting, business dev, deep customer research (Customer Journey, SWOT, Empathy Map, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, and Personas), and defined the functionality of ver.2 of the Catalyst tool, focused on healthcare knowledge.

Note: The reports are blurred due to NDA contract with the client.

Customer Journey: https://cha-os.org/data/clients/incap/CR-Customer-Journey.jpg

Customer Journey 2: https://cha-os.org/data/clients/incap/CR-Customer-Journey-2.jpg

Persona: https://cha-os.org/data/clients/incap/CR-Persona.jpg

Empathy-Map: https://cha-os.org/data/clients/incap/CR-Empathy-Map.jpg

Bonus: View a demo of “Catalyst MVP Wireframe Rules SmartFields”
(a UX design that enables unified and frictionless interaction with Catalyst's advanced concept of SmartFields): https://youtu.be/NogSX7ClaDs