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Climathon + ReMaking Tesla Press Release link: https://cha-os.org/en/climathon-retesla-press/
The event Main Web address: https://climathon.climate-kic.org/Belgrade
Photo gallery of the event: https://cha-os.org/climathon-remaking-tesla-2019-20-gallery/

Belgrade had the honor (on 8th and 9th February) of being part of the biggest collective climate action taking place in over 145 cities in 55 countries on all continents - Climathon Belgrade.
An intensive two-day lecture and workshop program attracted students, professionals, and startups with the desire to help our city address climate challenges and raise environmental awareness.
With 122 registered participants, Belgrade Climathon is the biggest in Eastern Europe.
The event was opened by the city officials, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and several faculties and institutions. Two full halls of the Belgrade City Government building were a meeting point for interdisciplinary competition, and the best teams came out to the city representatives with creative solutions, devised with the mentorship of prominent local experts in relevant fields.

- “Climathon” is helping to raise awareness about climate change. Its significance is in connecting creative and innovative people with experts in order to come up with new ideas and different approaches to fighting climate change in Belgrade – said the secretary, I. Vilotijevic.

The event was realized by the local Climathon organizer ChaOS and a number of partners through a grant EIT Climate-KIC – European Community for Knowledge and Innovation and with the support from the Secretariat for Environmental Protection and The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

- The innovation of this year’s Climathon is seen in the use of IT technologies, mobile applications and collective creativity solving challenges and enhancing eco-awareness – said the Chairman of the Organizing Committee S. Rudan. This has been achieved through the integration of Climathon with Remaking Tesla’s education forum, supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, using the Colabo.Space IT ecosystem, and through local, but internationally awarded Play-Sustainability! Edu-game.

The teams were dealing with two of Belgrade’s climate challenges. The first place for “Urban Heat Islands in Belgrade” challenge was won by team (KL)IMA NADE, the second by Rе:WEB, and the third by GREEN HORIZON. The first place for the challenge “Solid Waste and Ecological awareness” went to Clothes bank, the second to Arciklaza, and the third to Benefiktum. The teams won valuable cash prizes, donated by ChaOS, Zero Waste Future, Remaking Tesla forum, and Induct from Norway, as well as mentoring classes, and above all, the opportunity to help our city with their solutions.

Photo gallery of the event: https://cha-os.org/climathon-remaking-tesla-2019-20-gallery/

Event Agenda: https://cha-os.org/data/images/climathon/agenda-climathon-remaking-tesla-2019_20.pdf