Sinisa Rudan is an international lecturer, leader of several multidisciplinary projects, entrepreneur and an independent researcher, IT-developer and socially engaged artist/activist. He holds MSc in Computer Sciences, at Electrotechnical Faculty, Belgrade. His work is transdisciplinary - in the fields of Socio-IT collaborative ecosystems, Collective Creativity and Intelligence, Social Psychology, Art and Literature. He pursues these interests through several regional and international positions:

  • Co-founder of ChaOS - an NGO uniting artists and scientists on cultural and humane projects.
  • Co-Creator of the CoLaboArthon - a set of methodologies and technologies that internationally empowers and creatively unites poets, artists, and researchers in a dialogue, co-creation, and development.
  • Co-founder of “ReMaking Tesla - Practices that make a Genius” International Forum of Interactive and IT-Augmented Education on Collective Creativity and Innovation
  • a member of PPLG International Organizing Committee
  • Project manager of “Poezin Slam Company” and performs as one of its members.
  • Co-founder of Protopia Lab Serbia/Norway, and member of Protopia International Core Team
  • Knowledge Federation, an international organization for systemic innovation.

Sinisa performs his poetry across 3 continents and more than 15 countries. His poetry is translated and he performs in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Serbian languages.

Sinisa Rudan


  • team of educators, reseachers, teaching proffessors, and artist at “ReMaking Tesla - Practices that make a Genius”, Interactive and IT-augmented Education Forum,