CoLaboWare (CW) is a hardware UI (HCI) that reduces friction between social and technical components of a system and aids full integration of socio-technical (collaborative) processes.

It brings the power of the IT augmentation into social interaction while keeping a joy of human to human interaction. It is a missing puzzle in socio-technical ecosystems, that has a power of eliminating frictions that disabled IT-augmentation systems coming into full power and usage.

Objectives are to find a way to speed up data inserting into ColaboFramework (CF). We also need to find a way for enabling colabo-artists (collaborative artists, participatns of ColaboArthon, etc) and other practitioners of any 'offline' social behavior not to break their regular playing/working/writing procedures by having to use ColaboFramework for that. To achieve and preserve immersion and 'coolness' of interactive education, of games and gamified processes, while not giving up on Colabo.Space technologies.

Idea is that hardware through interaction, its usage, seamlessly and often on its own, sends data to CF system, instead to be done by CF operator or participant. Example is using a dice for random decisioning in a process, would require its result manually to be inserted in the CF, yet, if we use a "CF-dice" with integrated gyroscope and a wireless connection, it could be transmitted automatically. Similarly we could eliminate manual feeding of the CF system with routes that participants of a CoEvoludens or some workshop take (so that it can augment evaluations and detect behavior patterns) by using RFID cards and similar precise-positioning protocol; without CW a lot of augmentations as real-time evaluation would not be possible at all.